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Why Copper?

Our mission is to engineer garments for the modern man. We pride ourselves on using a proprietary copper infusion process to enhance fabric performance. The result? An unprecedented combination of technical features tailored for your active lifestyle.


// Wellness

// Longevity

// Comfort

// Performance

Features & Benefits

Moisture Wicking // Copper fibers pull moisture away from the skin

AntiBacterial //  Copper can effectively deactivate a broad spectrum of microbes

AntiFungal // Fend off fungi using (CU) nano-particles

Odor Resistant // Reduce retained odor through bacterial reduction properties

Memory Stretch // Unique wrinkle defying and shape retaining fabric

Ion Emissions //  Balance your well-being with ionic emissions

Allergy Aware // Combat the dust mite allergen

UV 40+ // Durable UV Protection