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We’re changing the way you view men’s activewear, one garment at a time.

After all, you’re not using the same cellphone from 15 years ago. So why shouldn’t your activewear get an upgrade? Recognizing the value, versatility, and sustainability of copper, we’ve used it to enhance the performance of our activewear fabrics.

The result?

Copper clothing that moves with you and holds up flawlessly to the demands of your modern active lifestyle.

Moisture Wicking

We can’t stop you from sweating. But we can manage how you feel after sweating.

Forget men’s activewear that clings to your body as you sweat forcing you to stew in your own perspiration (yes, it’s as unpleasant as it sounds). With FOR Apparel’s moisture-wicking technology, our copper fibres pull moisture away from your skin, so both you and your skin can breathe freely even after a round of strenuous activity.


No more breeding bacteria and funky fungi

Since our fabric is both antibacterial and antifungal you don’t need to worry about keeping it on a bit longer. While your gym bag and your old run of the mill cotton tee may have been a magnet/breeding ground for fungi and microbes your new copper activewear will fend them off on your behalf. Keeping you cleaner for longer.

What odour?

Need to keep them on after a round of sweating?

Our copper fibres have bacterial reduction properties that reduce retained odour, which means they’re more forgiving. So you won’t smell like you just went 3 rounds at the gym or ran a marathon, even after going 3 rounds at the gym or running a marathon.

You’re going to have these for a while

Used to throwing out those t-shirts and shorts every 3-6 months? When you buy FOR Apparel, you’ll be wearing them for much longer. In fact, while we wouldn’t want you wearing them forever, you certainly could. That’s the advantage of durable copper clothing, made sustainably and meant to last.

Like a second skin

That’s just how well FOR Apparel’s copper activewear fits. The unique wrinkle defying and shape-retaining fabric is as comfortable as it is smooth. Giving you the freedom to move, unrestricted - the way good men’s activewear apparel is supposed to. Because your clothing should suit your lifestyle and not the other way around.

Don’t blame us

While we can be as vain as those other guys (and with good reason. Have you seen our pieces?), we’re more substance than hype. FOR Apparel men’s activewear is as fashionable as it’s comfortable. We create garments that are functional without sacrificing fashion - made for your modern lifestyle. Because a guy should be able to turn heads, even when he’s being practical.

Once you try our copper clothing you’re going to love them forever. Just don’t blame us when all your other activewear starts getting jealous.