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Copper-infused clothing wards off viruses and bacteria

by Lucas Skriko
Copper-infused clothing wards off viruses and bacteria

In studies dating as far back as the 1800s during the cholera epidemic in Europe copper has proven itself to be useful in fighting viruses and bacteria.

One specific study by Physician Victor Burq during that time concluded that “copper or its alloys, brass and bronze, applied literally and pregnantly to the skin in the cholera epidemic are effective means of prevention which should not be neglected.”

In case you’re wondering, this wasn’t just ancient science. More recent research also concludes the same. 

Microbes like the one that causes coronavirus and other bacteria can live on hard surfaces for a long time - research suggests as long as 5 days. What that means is we can pick up these microbes by touching these surfaces then putting our hands on our faces where they enter the body.

Copper surfaces are different though. Bacteria and viruses can’t survive on copper surfaces.  

One medical researcher, Phyllis J. Khun, recognizing the value and significance of the metal concluded her 1983 study with the following recommendation to US hospitals - “If your hospital is being renovated, try to retain old brass hardware or have it repeated.” 

This was her declaration after her research found that when metal surfaces were coated with microbes (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus group D, and Pseudomonas species) “the copper and brass showed little or no growth, while the aluminum and stainless steel produced a heavy growth of all microbes.”   

Of course, this is something many have known all along. Copper has antibacterial properties. Which makes it a great option when attempting to ward off many viruses and bacteria. 

Copper clothing

A reasonable question would be, “Does copper in clothing applications work the same as the metal?” It’s a good question, especially since most of the research talks about copper metal. 

But Burq’s research provides some answers.  

Burq himself says when he was exposed to the disease (by being in close proximity to the severely infected on the verge of dying) he “protected himself by wearing pieces of copper touching the skin and by lavage with a solution of copper sulphate.”

“The external application of copper, either in the metallic form... or by tincture (dye) in a vest, chemise, or flannel waistband” is effective in warding off cholera. 

And there’s more recent research that supports Burq’s claim that copper clothing is actually effective in protecting against the virus.  

A 2014 study by Copper Clothing that was carried out on Bovine Coronavirus (a surrogate of human coronavirus) found that copper-infused fabric can effectively fight the virus and destroy it, killing 99.99% of the virus (3.94 log reduction) within the 10-minute testing timeframe. 

In another study, the University of South Hampton Research found that “The initial kill rate for the first 30-40 minutes contact, on the copper nylon fabric was actually faster than on 100% copper metal.” 

This means copper clothing could really help in protecting against many viruses and bacteria. In fact, one of the main advantages of copper-infused activewear is the fact that copper’s antibacterial properties come in handy when you engage in activities that cause sweating. And since most of us lead active lifestyles, this is very useful. 

But beyond that, there is a certain peace of mind that comes from knowing that when you wear copper-infused clothing, your clothing is actively working overtime to keep you safe. While it’s nothing like a magic cape or the kind of thing that Marvel comics would dream up, the antimicrobial quality of the fabric is still pretty impressive.


We’re leading the way with copper activewear

While most clothing manufacturers have not yet caught on to the value and benefits of using copper technology in the manufacturing process, here at FOR Apparel, we’re leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. We’re leading the way in using copper technology in our manufacturing process so all our pieces are antimicrobial and antifungal. That’s peace of mind for the modern active male.

We’re also doing this without charging insane prices for our copper-infused activewear clothing. So when you decide to make the switch to copper clothing, you can do so confidently knowing that FOR Apparel activewear clothing is:

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 Now that you know the remarkable properties of copper clothing you’d be smart to want to make the switch. 

by Lucas Skriko